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  • SQL Database Wrapper Functions
    When interacting with a database, functions are called that are common to every transaction; functions to establish a connection, execute the query and then close the connection.  This article shows how to create functions that will eliminate this redundancy.  We will create a Select function to retrieve data, an Insert function to insert data, an Update function to update data and a Delete function to remove data. (cont)...

  • Oracle and PHP
    PHP provides built in functions to access just about every database that exists, including Oracle.  In the following pages, we will illustrate how to use these built in functions to communicate with an Oracle database. (cont)...

  • Introduction to PHP - Getting Started
    In this article, we will show the basics of a PHP program.  We will start with HTML output and progressively build up to variables and control structures.
  • Introduction to PHP - HTML Form Input

    Input is one of the most important aspects of any program, in any programming language.  How do you retrieve the information that a user has entered into your application?  In HTML, input is received through forms which contain text fields, buttons and combo boxes.  Once a form is complete a user can submit it.  Each component of the form then has data associated with it, in which the user filled in.  For instance, a text field for a person's name could have 'John Doe' as it's value. (cont)...

  • Sending Email in PHP
    The PHP mail function has up to four parameters.  The first parameter is the recipient of the message.  The second parameter is the subject of the email message.  The third parameter is the body of the message.  And the fourth parameter is optional, which will be covered on the next page. (cont)...
  • MySQL and PHP
    PHP provides built in functions to access just about every database that exists.  We will use the MySQL database in our examples because it is well designed, powerful and, most importantly, free in some situations.  For these reasons, there is a likely chance that it will be installed on the machine you are using to host your web pages.   In this example, we will illustrate how to access MySQL using PHP. (cont)...