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Send Mail in PHP

In this example, we will show how to send an email message to someone in PHP.

PHP Code:


echo "<html><body>";

mail ("[email protected]", "Subject", "Hello!");

echo "Sending mail...";
echo "</body></html>";


It is that simple!

The PHP mail function has up to four parameters.  The first parameter is the recipient of the message.  The second parameter is the subject of the email message.  The third parameter is the body of the message.  And the fourth parameter is optional, which will be covered on the next page.

If the above example does not work when you view it in your browser then the Sendmail variable in your PHP setup file is probably not set correctly.  In UNIX, it should be set to something like '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t'.  Consult your PHP documentation for more in depth instructions.

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