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?Quiz application
Date:???03-08-03 11:33


I'm looking for a quiz application script which works like follows

1.Lets assume there are set of questions and when the user answers each question correctly, a part of the image(pic) is shown.So, when he keeps answering each question correctly, the image parts are shown and when he finishes all the questions, he would be able to see the complete image.

2.Ex: 10 questions and One image.This image is divided to 10 parts and when the user answers each question correctly, one part of the image is shown and so on.....

Does somebody have seen such scripts or somebody has implemented one, I would like to use it.

Many thanks

?Re: Quiz application
Date:???03-08-03 13:09

Are you offering work or looking for a free script?
If the latter then take a look at www.hotscripts.com, else give some details on what you are willing to pay.

?Re: Quiz application
Date:???03-09-03 01:14

If you are ready to pay for it, then we can start a cooperation.

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