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?BLIPO - PHP Include went away with php update...
Date:???03-21-03 08:21

we loaded a fresh web server -

here is the link to current php info http://ns.iggyweb.com/phpinfo.php

with this update we have lost our php include

see this link http://www.alohabouquets.com

here is the actual code on that index.php page Code:

include ('http://www.netbloomsdirect.com/?page=shop/browse_assorted_mixed_tropical_collection&category_id=b83167b1da835eb1ec5af478b4b26f9f');

the link on the include is good http://www.netbloomsdirect.com/?page=shop/browse_assorted_mixed_tropical_collection&category_id=b83167b1da835eb1ec5af478b4b26f9f

what is wrong?

what do i need to do to enable this simple php include?

many thanks

?Re: BLIPO - PHP Include went away with php update...
Date:???04-01-03 08:34

not sure what makes you so special - what do you actually have to contribute?

this turns out to have been a DNS setup issue with the server - nothing to do with with the include or my php load --

if you had any level of confidence and knowledge to share with your bad attitude - maybe you could have suggested this was in fact a DNS err related problem

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