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?php txt database?
Date:???06-04-03 07:59

Ok, this is what i'm looking for, maybe someone can point me into the right direction. I have a txt file that has fields seperated by commas. What i'm looking for is a php script that people can use to view the data in the txt files with a nice web interface. Any ideas?

?Re: php txt database?
Date:???06-04-03 09:09

yeah, read the manual


?Re: php txt database?
Date:???06-04-03 10:01

well, i'm not a programmer. i have no idea how to write the script but if you know of some premade i'm fairly decent at editing them to work for me

?Re: php txt database?
Date:???06-04-03 10:40

$row = 1;

/open the file for read access
$handle = fopen ("test.txt","r");

//loop through the data one line of 1000 chars (must be greater
//than longest line) at a time
while ($data = fgetcsv ($handle, 1000, ",")) {
//get the number of elements in a line
$num = count ($data);
print "

$num fields in line $row:
//loop through the data set
//can add html in here to make it a table etc
for ($c=0; $c < $num; $c++) {
print $data[$c] . "
fclose ($handle);

?Re: php txt database?
Date:???06-05-03 03:08

If you plan to use a text file as a database - and you got a lot of information in it... it would be REALY smart to read about FlatFile! It givs you a lot of database functions!
The best thing would be to use s sql database like mySQL, but if you don't want to / can use a sql database, then use FlatFile!

Here is the link to Project FFDB-PHP
Flat File DataBase for PHP

?Re: php txt database?
Date:???06-05-03 06:39

thank you guys for all the info and code, i think i'm gonna go mysql, i already have a database that is in a text file, are there any easy ways to get this flatext file into a mysql database?

?Re: php txt database?
Date:???06-05-03 06:40

sorry, had to repost because i forgot to check that nice little box at the bottom there

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