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Date:???06-05-03 08:30

Hi there,

I'm been furiously trying to write something that will parse a block of html code, and will change certain values into something else. For instance, I may wish to change one word into another. I could od this... if I were using variables, but, since the pasted html is not a variable, I'm kinda stuck. Does anyone have any idea how I should go about this.

Any help woul be much appreciated, thanks.


?Re: Parsing....
Date:???06-05-03 09:33

Okay, as an update I have it parsing using str_replace and searchiong the text as an array, but I have one problem left. The text being inputted it pure html, and when the script outputs, it outputs using extra php formatting. Meaning my html is now incorrectly filled with back slashes \ ... is there any way I can have php treat this information as html?


?Re: Parsing....
Date:???06-05-03 12:20

Slashes removed using the stripslashes commands, now, one final and annoying problem...

To show double quotes (") in a string when you're parsing it, you have to do \" right? Then why does this following string not work process correctly?


It's meant to now search for ^I"u~Na and has the \ in it to define that the " is part of the string. However, it is not locating this string when I input it to the page... any ideas why?

The problem is that I'm translating thr soruce code of a very badly written chinese page, you see...

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