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Date:???06-05-03 18:48

I downloaded a server program and installed php, its all set up I can run php scripts. But I cant do things like write to files, do I need to chmod? If so how do I do this on my own computer? (the computer I use for php scripting doesnt have internet access)

?Re: Chmodding?
Date:???06-06-03 01:03

If you are using windows you don't have to think about chmod the files or folders. Else you have to chmod the file or folder to 777 (Read/Write/Execute).

?Re: Chmodding?
Date:???06-06-03 13:39

I am using windows 98, I cant but I write to files.

?Re: Chmodding?
Date:???06-07-03 14:16

Post your code, so that we can see if we can find anything that is strange... else it's a bit hard to help you.

?Re: Chmodding?
Date:???06-09-03 18:57

Ya I feel real dumb now, it was my error I fixed it.



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