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?Displaying images
Date:???06-06-03 08:28

After storing images in a blob column, how these images can be displayed in a webpage?

?Re: Displaying images
Date:???06-06-03 10:03

dont store images in a blob...dont store images in a db...the best thing is to store the /path/name of the image in a text type field....the simply call the db and get the data

?Re: Displaying images
Date:???06-06-03 17:00

Could you tell me why? The images I want to store in the db are small, about 20K each. Thanks.

?Re: Displaying images
Date:???06-07-03 11:27

usually there are problems with the binary read/write and eventual database corruption...it is so much safer and easier to store in a folder

then the usual way to show the image is:


echo "";


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