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?Manage database question
Date:???06-06-03 12:22


I have a mysql database. One table is called "students" which list all the students' information, like address, phone number and so on. Every month students have a quiz and get the grades. I want to input the grades in the datbase, because I want to each student using his or her username and password to login the "grade" page to view his or her own current grades and also can view his or her own passed the grades on the internet. How could I store these grades for each month? Another thing is that in future I would add more students in the database. Another words, the database will expend in the future. Please give me some suggestions.


?Re: Manage database question
Date:???06-07-03 11:25

make a separate table called
'quiz_table' with the following fields
id (int autonumber primary)
quiz_no (int)
student_id (int / varchar depending on id format)

the student_id is the foreign key that can be used to show only that students scores by setting it as a session variable which can be used to query the db

this way it does not matter how many quizzes or how many students are entered...


?Re: Manage database question
Date:???06-09-03 06:02

I got it. Thank you very nuch.

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