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?Help about pulldown menu
Date:???06-08-03 09:14

Hallo people. Hope that someone helps me with this pulldown menu...

Here is the file I need: www.abitareamodena.com/help_form.php

I need 2 pulldown menu in a form:


when people select City 1 e form the cities poulldown menu
onChange the counties menu display the counties of City 1.

I know there are 2 ways to display items of the pulldownn menues:

- Javascript

- PHP includes (Items are loaded from a php file) - I prefer !

?Re: Help about pulldown menu
Date:???06-08-03 12:43

PHP is a server side language. Your desired job is a client side work. You must use JavaScript to do this.
If you use PHP, every time that you select an Item, a new page must be loaded (of course you can use a dynamic page, however every time someone select an item, a new request must send to the server to show related items).

?Re: Help about pulldown menu
Date:???06-08-03 23:15

Can u modify the page with Javascript ?
I have the javascript that do that but I'm not able to insert it in the page...

... Let me know ...

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