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?Database for an E-Commerce SIte
Date:???06-09-03 23:01

I am building an online shop. What database should I use? Is MySql 4.* good enough. I`ll have avout 2000 products in the database!

?Re: Database for an E-Commerce SIte
Date:???06-10-03 06:42


?Re: Database for an E-Commerce SIte
Date:???06-10-03 07:07

A lot of online shops today uses MySQL!
What's more important than what database you use, is the level of security of your code! ALLWAYS run a scrip that makes sure that there is NO sql commands in any user input - like a search field!

Read more about security (both sql and php) in the php manual:

If you fail to make you database as secure as possible - any user can run a sql command and add them self as a user and mix up you database or delete them!

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