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?Include file : Failure To Connect

I know that the dbase connections are fine, because it only returns a null value if conditions are left off. When i put the conditions into the syntax that's when it goes FUBAR!

Many thanks.

Date:???06-10-03 10:20

I'm trying to include another PHP file in my code, but when I put a condition on it such as ....php?agentstation='$agenstationid'.... it gets the following error:

Warning: Failed opening 'agent_logfiles_total_call_count_inc.php?agentstation=$agentstationid' for inclusion (include_path='.; \apache\includes;\apache\htdocs\;\apache\htdocs\phpmyadmin') in C:\apache\htdocs\admin\agent_logfiles_sort_by_agent.php on line 66

This one's driving me nuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the syntax that I'm using to call the include file.

echo "
include ("agent_logfiles_total_call_count_inc.php?agentstation=$agentstationid");
echo "
?Re: Include file : Failure To Connect
Date:???06-10-03 19:01

can not include this way: need to use a select/case or if/then structure to decide what file to include based in the parameter $agentstationid provided that is what you are trying to do

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