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?Re: exe or dll ?
Author:?Travis Smith?(---.auckland.clix.net.nz)
Date:???06-15-03 21:18

Ivan Budiono wrote:
> I use IIS 4.0 for my php.
> For the application mapping I use php4isapi.dll but my
> lecturer and my friend use the exe one.
> What is the difference and which one is best ?
> Because some script from my computer is not running on my
> friend computer. In my friend computer setcookie occasionally
> runs. ( A lot of fails, when in my computer it always runs
> well ).

Aside from the fact that I do not understand why you are using IIS and not Apache.... =)

I prefer the Module (the DLL).

It is on-line all of the time (starts up with the server, so no time wasted while starting a new copy for each PHP page you serve - this saves HEAPS of CPU time if you have a busy server) and can talk to the server(EG for doing LDAP authentication). If you are running the CGI-version (what you refer to as the EXE) then this has the advantage that this does not keep a copy of PHP running in memory all of the time, but instead runs it as needed. If you are running PHP as a CGI, then you will generally have a quiet little site, or some seriously insane hardware =)

Basically, there are a couple of things that you can do in the DLL version that you cannot do in the CGI version without some serious hacks, and the DLL is usually noticably quicker, but the DLL is a little more memory-hungry.

-Travis Smith

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Travis Smith 06-15-03 21:18?
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