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Date:???07-04-03 15:19


On my website, I use the require (and used the include) functions or whatever you call them. Well, the site is supposed to take up all of the screen (i have a table w/ height and width at 100%). Well when I first goto the page, you can see that the table doesn't take up the whole screen and you see some space, but when you refresh the page, it'll take up all the space. I use the $_GET command too because it's easier to have index.php?id=news to navigate through out the site with out going to a seperate page (ex: news.php). It works fine if I have it as an html w/ no php coding, but once php is included, it has the problem. I even tried putting the header and footer code on one page and have the script determine what 'id' the browser requested and then include/require the file for that id. If any understands what I'm saying and what my problem is and can help, please do. Again, my problem is that the table doesn't take up 100% of the width and height of the page until you refresh it. Later.

- Sam

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