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?radio button retain information on an update records page
Date:???07-13-03 16:02

i have a completely userbased website with registered members that have access to adding information for several sections of my page. one of the sections is an area to update personal profile information. On that member's only page, there are radio buttons that set the users gender. Selecting either male or female and clicking the update information button, will change the user's gender perfectly, however, once going back in later to change whatever information, the user's gender is always selecting female, even if the user has selected male. here is my code, hopefully someone can shed some light on this matter....

echo "Male\n";

echo "Female";

?Re: radio button retain information on an update records page
Date:???07-13-03 17:41

echo "Male\n";

echo "Female";

shouldn't there be an if check before the ($_GET['mod']...)

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