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 Awesome PHP + MySQL CMS
Author: User (
Date:   07-16-03 12:56

If you are into PHP & MySQL Check This Out ! ....

I set it up in 15 min. and ive got a skinnable MySQL driven web site ! Super easy and tons of cool features !

I grabbed this from the site ...

iWare™ is a powerful and versatile web based content management system designed to make creating a professional web presence easy without the associated hassles of learning to program or master a 3rd party application.

Easy Install
iWare™ installs in just minutes on your Windows or UNIX Based web server. Setup is made easy through an intuitive installation script and included installation guide.

Control Panel
Changes to your web sites content are made in real time through an easy to use browser based control panel. The control panel allows you to tune every aspect of your web sites visual appearance and layout and also provides an easy to use content authoring & management approach.

Skinable Web Sites
Visual appearance and layout properties of the web site can be instantly changed at a global level selecting from pre-installed professional looking Skins which will automatically reformat the look of your content on the fly.

Adjustable Navigation
The navigation structure of your web site can be instantly changed by selecting from pre-installed navigation components.

File Management
Uploading and managing your files is simple using the browser based File Management utility. This mechanism allows you to upload a file directly from your computers hard disk where it will become available for use in your content.

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