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?Question about date
Date:???09-26-03 08:29


I am not good at date function. When the table need the date field, I always create year, month, day field. In the form there is also three input boxes there for year, month, day. So when the user put year, month, day in the input boxes, the data will insert to the table. I just wonder whether anyone works with date like me, or it is just me to do it.

I know I can put the whole date(2003-08-26) in the date field, but if I want to get only year or month from the date(2003-08-26) how could I do it?



?Re: Question about date
Date:???09-27-03 08:52

actually its best to split the fields and do like you do...it gets rid of the potential errors by forcing all users to use the same format

you don't get things like US vs Euro formats (us is mm-dd-yy while Uk is dd-mm-yy)


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