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?PHP Web Host Suggestions
Date:???09-26-03 12:33

I'm fairly new to the use of PHP.

I'm currently under a free host: Cool Free Pages. They're okay for a beginner, but I've already found 20 functions that aren't accepted on their server.

I need help finding either a free PHP host or a really cheap host (being under 18, my income is s***).

I've found a couple possible hosts: www.aplus.net and www.brainhosting.com

Does anyone think that either are good hosts or does anyone have any suggestions???

?Re: PHP Web Host Suggestions
Date:???09-27-03 02:27

www.portland.co.uk offer free hosting with php/mysql and no banners. They're not great but they are free ;)

?Re: PHP Web Host Suggestions
Date:???09-27-03 06:38

Hi there,
if your are not planing a big commercial site you can stick with a free host. Take a look at this site for links to free php hosts: http://www.oinko.net/freephp/

?Re: PHP Web Host Suggestions
Date:???10-18-03 09:06

If you're still looking for pay hosting, I'd suggest netrillium.net - they have a plan for $4/month that's a very nice size. Also, check out webhostingtalk.com - you can post your needs there and people will respond to you with hosting offers.

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