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?Database questions
Date:???09-26-03 08:11


How could I create the database like this one? one product has color option, size option, cables option and each option has different price.

For example, Let's say monitor.

One monitor: black, white color, 17inch ($250.00), 15inch ($175.00), 17 inch Flat Panel ($499) 15inch Flat Panel($350)

Another example, Let's say printer

one printer($130): black or white, parallel cable($10), USB cable($20)

In the website, there will be a drop down menu to show these options, according to the option, it will show total price of that product. Like if customer choose parallel cable the printer above will be $140, or if customer choose usb cable, then the printer will be $150.

How could I create this kind of database?

Many many thanks


?Re: Database questions
Date:???09-29-03 06:31

product_id (int 5, PK)
product_name (varchar 200)
product_size (varchar 50)( can be null id not applicable)
product _color varchar(10)(use array (ie color 1,2,3 from color_table))
product_price (decimal 8,2)
product_desc (vachar 2000)

color_id (int 2 PK)
color_name (varchar 20)

?Re: Database questions
Date:???02-03-04 19:49


I am trying to find the best software to create a server based database. The database will be an online type database that will be storing over 5000 records. Most of the information contained in the database will be personal in nature such as Social Security Numbers, etc.

I began creating a database on Access but that does not look as if it is the best software to use for such a large database. The users will be entering the data for various locations and I would like it too have permissions. If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


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