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?required help
Date:???09-29-03 20:39

I am having my data in a table mysql. The fields are

the format of sender field is
sender-xyz abc

I am having a text file ld1.txt in the format

uid : department : branch
xyz.abc : xxx : yyy

I want to write a script which will compare the mysql
sender fields part ie after < sign and before @ sign
ie xyz.abc with text file and if found then print the
report in following format:

sender: xyz.abc
receiver sent
2314343234 2003-08-09 00:09:09

how to write a php script for above problem

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?required help??new
vaishali 09-29-03 20:39?
?Re: required help??new
Kr|Z 09-30-03 01:07?
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