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?University Student Needs You To Do A Survey
Date:???10-14-03 17:59

If you have experience using server side programming languages (such as PHP, ASP, JSP , CFML, Perl or similar) could you go to http://gryphon.murdoch.edu.au/~rtresise/ and complete the survey. It should take about 5 minutes.

I am currently doing honours in Computer Science and need data from this survey for my research. Anything else you need to know can be found by going to the above URL.

I GREATLY appreciate (and am thankful) for anyone who can spare their valuable time for this survey.


Rory Tresise
[email protected]
Murdoch University (Western Australia)

PS: If you have any friends/work collegues that may also be able to complete this survey could you please let them know?

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?University Student Needs You To Do A Survey??new
Rory Tresise 10-14-03 17:59?
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