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?mail function problem
Date:???10-30-03 07:41

I have a problem with the mail function and I was wondering if anyone could have any idea of why it happens. I just want to send an e-mail (some code that I will use in a bigger php prog) and when I send it to my hotmail account the e-mail is delivered no problem and I can go read it. But if I send it to my e-mail account or even to a yahoo e-mail account for example, the e-mail will never get to destination.

I suppose it could be some kind of config problem, but anyone has any idea what?

Here is the code I use for send mail part (done in a file just for test):

echo "";

$recipient = "";
$subject = "Testing";
$message = "Insert something here.\n\n";

mail ($recipient, $subject, $message, "From: ");

echo "Sending mail...";
echo "";


Thanks in advance,


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