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?Creating and saving a file
Date:???01-13-04 07:13

Hello everybody:

This is my problem: i launch a query, and according to the resultset i need to create a new file and of course save it.
This file i sent it via e-mail.
There's no problem in the email part. I've worked with existing files, but i've never created a new one , how can i do it?
exists a php function to create a file and save it?
Thanx a lot.

?Re: Creating and saving a file
Date:???01-13-04 12:38

see www.php.net/fopen and www.php.net/fwrite and www.php.net/fclose

basically you open a file, loop thru the resultset and write each line to the file and then close the file

then email the sucker

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