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?JPEG formats
Date:???01-15-04 00:00


I have some php/mysql code which is working fine on several domain names on different servers. The issue is with uploading images to the server which copies, compresses resizes and then stores the image in the database.

On one server I am running php 4.1.2 and GD 1.6.2 so I use the php function imagecreate() and this works fine normally.

On another server I am running php 4.3.4 and GD bundled (2.0.15 compatible) so I use the php function imagecopytruecolor() . And this works fine normally.

The problem is that I hav a new Cannon camera which gives me images which cause my code to hang on both these web servers and the image is not uploaded. I have tried images from another Sony camera which uploads with no problem. It is not a file size issue either.

Meanwhile locally I am running php 4.2.3 and GD 2.0 or higher and both these images upload with no trouble. I think this is an issue with the jpeg specification used by cannon and the GD library catching up with the changes but I am really in the dark.

Does anyone know why one jpeg will upload while another one will not?

Many thanks,


?Re: JPEG formats
Date:???01-17-04 10:29

maybe the new ones are stored as interlaced?

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