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 pdf to doc
Author:  (
Date:   02-17-04 19:27


i want to generates doc files from pdf file.

Any one can help me.


 Re: pdf to doc
Author: ndreddy (---.CC.Lehigh.EDU)
Date:   02-22-04 07:21

You can do that by using "ABC amber PDF comverter"

 Re: pdf to doc
Author:  (
Date:   02-23-04 02:58

Where it'll found

 Re: pdf to doc
Author: Mario (
Date:   02-23-04 14:46

well, I'd search what about you?

 Re: pdf to doc
Author:  (
Date:   02-23-04 18:11

i want to write php code to read pdf and generate doc file .

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