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 php multi dropdown list
Author:  (203.177.46.---)
Date:   02-18-04 21:04

I dont know if PHP can do this.
This is what im trying to work. the initial page has already have a one line of drop dowlist and when i click the Submit button the page refesh and add another dropdown list but the value i have selected earlier on the list is not erase. until the max of 10 drop downlist.

sample of Initial Page:
Item: [ drop downlist ] Price: [ textbox ]


Now when i select and click submit the page will be:

Item: [ Paper ] Price: [ 50.00 ]
Item: [ drop downlist ] Price: [ text ]


And when I Submit Again:
Item: [ Paper ] Price: [ 50.00 ]
Item: [ Pen ] Price: [ 5.00 ]
Item: [ drop downlist ] Price: [ text ]

Pls help

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 php multi dropdown list  new
Vincent 02-18-04 21:04 
 Re: php multi dropdown list  new
bastien 02-19-04 15:57 
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