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?Can't get beyond setup with Jevon Guestbook
Date:???02-20-04 06:25

Hi! I'm hoping someone will have some ideas...

I've downloaded the Jevon Guestbook from www.jevontech.com and followed the Read Me file to the letter... changing permissions on two files and then going online to access the 'setup.php' page.

The first problem is that my URL is too long for the entry field, and leaving out the 'http://' returned the error 'You forgot something!' (Built into the script, rather than a server error.)

So I opened up the setup.php in my editor and altered the field size so that my URL would fit - and then checked to make sure there wasn't anywhere else where that field length might be referred to again. (Then uploaded the file.)

I tried it again, and got the same 'You Forgot Something!'

So I've opened up each of the .php files which came with the guestbook and made my 'setup' alterations directly to the files, rather than using the automatic setup which came with it.

I can get the 'sign in form' - but after filling in the form and clicking submit - I get the error 'You Forgot Something - Please Enter Your Name' (Which I've done!)

The only thing I can think is that there's a glitch somewhere in the script that's preventing it from getting beyond the error page. As you probably can tell, I'm still really new to .php and I just can't see where it is.

If some kind soul out there has any ideas, I'd love to hear/try them.


?Re: Can't get beyond setup with Jevon Guestbook
Date:???02-20-04 10:39

It might be that the form is using the $fieldname which corresponds to the input box field name. In later versions of PHP this feature (called register_globals()) is turned off.

If you have access to the PHP.ini file, you can change the register_globals =1 to turn it on.

If you do not have ability to change this in the .ini files, check to see if you can alter this in the runtime (search the manual on making runtime changes...sorry at work and unable to spare much more time)

The third option is to open every file and change the name of the variable of the form element to use $_GET['elementName'] or $_POST['elementName']. Ie

you have a textbox for first name
and on the corresponding PHP page you have a variable called $fname which automatically takes the value of the form element fname.

This $fname needs to be changed to $_POST['fname'] if the form uses the POST method or $_GET['fname'] when the form uses the GET method of passing data.


?Re: Can't get beyond setup with Jevon Guestbook
Date:???02-20-04 10:54

Thanks immensely! I've copied your suggestions and I'll do a bit more tinkering and see if I can get it up and running.

:) Ilene

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