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Author:  (
Date:   02-23-04 08:38

I have this code in file form.php

$read = "SELECT * FROM db";
$querys = mysql_query($read)or die("<p>Some Error</p>");
while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($querys)) {
echo "<A HREF='page.php?id=".$data[id]."'>".$data[id]."</A> , ";

Now it opens a blank new page, but how can I get displayed the linkname that user just clicked?
ie. there sre links 1, 2, 3, 4. User clicked "3". How do I display it on the "page.php?id=3"?

 Re: page.php?id=
Author:  (
Date:   02-23-04 08:43

use $_GET['id'] to pull the value from the URL

echo "You just arrived to page.php?id=".$_GET['id'];

 Re: page.php?id=
Author:  (
Date:   02-24-04 04:01

yes, of course, I am stupid :)


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