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 Apache2.0 , PHP4.3.4 & Oracle problem
Author:  (
Date:   02-25-04 15:06

Dear all , i have an oracle DB ver 9i , PHP4.3.4 , Apache2.0 & MySql Db 4.1 . When i'm connecting MySql with PHP it works fine , but when i try to access oracle with ora_logon() or ocilogon() function i get the following error "PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ocilogon()" .
I configured httpd.conf like this:
LoadModule php4_module "C:/PHP/php-4.3.4-Win32/sapi/php4apache2.dll"
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

and uncommented extension = php_oci8.dll & extension = php_oracle.dll

can any body help me with this problem

 Re: Apache2.0 , PHP4.3.4 & Oracle problem
Author:  (
Date:   02-26-04 07:25

try copying the dll to the c:\winnt folder...the app cannot find the oracle dll

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