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 is this normal?
Author:  (203.106.219.---)
Date:   02-27-04 16:39

i would like to ask something..
regarding session().. i am currently using session() for a library tracking system for my project. there can be more than one user using the system. yet, if either one of the users logout(i'm using session_destroy() to destroy the session), all the other users session will be expired. n they have to relogin to navigate thru the system.

i was thinking of using the session_unregister() but it seems like it still allows the user to go back to the previous page and use the system.

is this normal? i mean in using session?....

thank you

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 is this normal?  new
eon 02-27-04 16:39 
 Re: is this normal?  new
bastien 02-28-04 11:03 
 Re: is this normal?  new
eon 02-29-04 16:07 
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