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 Good CMS
Author:  (168.9.35.---)
Date:   02-24-04 07:24

I am tired of trying to make my self a CMS that works good.. so what is a good CMS that's out there? I dont want postnuke/phpnuke or anything with a pre-defined layout style. I have tried phpwcms but wouldent install right and I get login problems and stuff.

 Re: Good CMS
Author: fred (
Date:   02-28-04 12:46

Give mambo a try (

 Re: Good CMS
Author:  (
Date:   01-24-05 11:57

they all suck well the free ones anyway- I have tried many and most you get errors or it doesnt include all the files, or there is lack of documentation, blah blah...

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