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?Inside HTML, Should be simple...
Date:???02-29-04 22:50

I cannot figure out how to add a php script inside of my HTML document. I have many scripts that would be really useful if I could put them inside the HTML.
I have used the and that doesn't work.
I have tried it with and that doesn't work.
I have tried adding things to the httpd.conf file and nothing
seems to be working. Do you have any suggestions?
I really need some help. Thanks.

?Re: Inside HTML, Should be simple...
Date:???03-01-04 08:18

does the server actually run PHP?

test file


then point the browser to the file...if you get a big long screen where configuration of PHP is laid out then everything is fine and we need to look at your pages to see what's what.

IF you get nothing or the text of the file, then PHP is not configured properly on the server and needs work


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