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?array from table - skipping first item
Date:???05-03-04 10:06

I am trying to take some information from a table, and place the information into an array (so I can easily access elements in the table, without having to do a query everytime). However, when I perform the query and try to place the elements into an array, the first row of my table is skipped.

Here is the code:

// Get COLOR information
$colorhtml = array();
$colorname = array();
$thaquery = "SELECT * FROM color";
$total_result = mysql_query($thaquery,$db);
if (mysql_fetch_array($total_result))
while ($listinfo = mysql_fetch_array($total_result))
$thecolorid = $listinfo["colorid"];
// enter color html
// enter color name
// Test element
echo $colorname["$thecolorid"].": ".$colorhtml["$thecolorid"]."

Here is what the result is:

red: FF0000
orange: FF6600
yellow: FFCC33
green: 006600

Here is what I need (you'll see that the first row "blue" is skipped):

blue: 000099
red: FF0000
orange: FF6600
yellow: FFCC33
green: 006600

Thanks for any help you can give....

?Re: array from table - skipping first item
Date:???05-04-04 09:25


if ($total_result)
while ($listinfo = mysql_fetch_array($total_result))

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