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?Php configuration
Date:???05-02-04 04:39

I already configure php well .. its working fine but when i check with the phpinfo the ..the extension_dir is something different than wht i was assigned in php.ini..
for example..
in php.ini
in the phpinfo page
what is the problem?
anyone can help me? pls?

?Re: Php configuration
Date:???05-03-04 05:48

Are you configging the correct page?

?Re: Php configuration
Date:???05-04-04 18:35

yes i am configure the correct page.. i dont knw why .. i already set up doc_root in php.ini that also not showing the root that i setup.. so my php configuration is wrong?

?Re: Php configuration
Date:???05-05-04 06:35

ok i already solved the problem .. its just that i saved the php.ini file as php.ini.txt .. now i already save it as php.ini .. so everything working fine with me:)

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