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?apache on linux, who to run PHPs as
Date:???05-06-04 09:23

I'm having a problem with Apache which is running on Linux Debian.

The fact is that i need PHP scripts to be run as the user matching the dir's owner of the domain's document root...

let's put this clear,

# --- httpd.conf ---
# several settings here
# ...
NameVirtualHost *:80

DocumentRoot /var/www/
ServerName www.maindomain.com

DocumentRoot /home/usr1/public_html/
ServerName www.domain1.com

DocumentRoot /home/usr2/public_html/
ServerName www.domain2.com

# end of http.conf

when i upload a file by submitting a form i.e. at www.domain1.com then the file's owner will be www-data:www-data.
the won't let php read it then.

I know i can set the default user (www-data) to another user, but that doesn't help since i need that every uploaded (or created by GD) file's owner match the /home/*/public_html user

if it's not clear just ask.

thx in advance!

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