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 parse error, unexpected T_STRING
Author:  (67.50.46.---)
Date:   08-13-04 07:00

we are using freebsd 5.2 with apache 1.3.31 / php 4.3.7

either the apache or php will randomly change characters in the code
generating errors such as this:
PHP Warning: Unexpected character in input: ' in
/home/veracart/phplib/ on line 837
PHP Warning: Unexpected character in input: ' (ASCII=8) state=1 in
/home/veracart/phplib/ on line 21

This one i went to that line of code line 53, and there was nothing
wrong at all with the code, then hit refresh
on the browser and the page loaded fine. Just randomly replaced a { with
a ) character....
PHP Parse error: parse error, unexpected '{', expecting ')' in
/home/veracart/includes/ on line 53

Has anyone got these errors and how do you get rid of it???
Please email me if you have an answer.
Small reward for an answer to this question.

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 parse error, unexpected T_STRING  new
Eran 08-13-04 07:00 
 Re: parse error, unexpected T_STRING  new
bastien 08-14-04 18:51 
 Re: parse error, unexpected T_STRING  new
Eran 08-16-04 09:21 
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