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 Re: ereg confuse
Author:  (80.242.8.---)
Date:   08-18-04 10:59

This is for testing the string $regs. The first part check it if it is according to a year format (4 digits, from 0 to 9 for each digit). The second and third part for checking either day or month (1 or 2 digits, again from 0 to 9, although you need only 1 to 12 for months and 1 to 31 for days).
Is it clear? This is based on "regular Expressions".
Good luck!

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 ereg confuse  new
saemshya 08-17-04 21:26 
 Re: ereg confuse  new
Amir Hosein Rushenas 08-18-04 10:59 
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