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?help need in autosurf script
Date:???10-18-05 10:50

Hi everyone,
I have a php script of autosurf program, and i need help in getting the code to restrict members to surf x number of pages say 50 pages. That means if a member surf 50 pages than the message should appear that you have come to daily surf limit come back tommorrow.

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?help need in autosurf script??new
rizvana 10-18-05 10:50?
?Re: help need in autosurf script??new
bastien 10-26-05 09:42?
?Re: help need in autosurf script??new
mike 10-27-05 17:25?
?Re: help need in autosurf script??new
provresgrp 01-13-06 06:00?
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