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 server error
Author: Habtish (213.55.91.---)
Date:   02-17-05 09:53

i configured the mail function in php.ini like this

SMTP= localhost ; for Win32 only
sendmail_from = [email protected] ; for Win32 only
;sendmail_path = ;for unix only, may supply arguments as well (default is 'sendmail -t -i')

mail('[email protected]', 'From TVET', 'we will be happy because this is the first email that we send it to you') ;
but it generates a warning which says

"server error in line 2"

any body who knows please let your hands


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 server error  new
Habtish 02-17-05 09:53 
 Re: server error  new
bastien 02-17-05 11:26 
 Re: server error  new
Habtish 02-18-05 02:53 
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