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 Passing Variable
Author: Bowmah (
Date:   02-16-05 16:56

I need to pass 2 variables to file.html like so

I can use a form with 2 hidden fields of var1 and var2 and push the form to This works perfectly and does not show the end user the 2 variables in the landing url.

BUT, how do I do it within a php function. In other words, I am running an if else statement. If true, then perform above function automatically (without needed the user to click on a form buttom). I need the 2 variables to be recognized by file.html but so that the users cannot see them.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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 Passing Variable  new
Bowmah 02-16-05 16:56 
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bastien 02-16-05 17:27 
 Re: Passing Variable  new
Bowmah 02-16-05 21:58 
 Re: Passing Variable  new
simond 02-21-05 00:51 
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