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Chapter 42. API Macros

A set of macros was introduced into Zend's API that simplify access to zval containers (see Table 42-1).

Table 42-1. API Macros for Accessing zval Containers

Macro Refers to
Z_LVAL(zval) (zval).value.lval
Z_DVAL(zval) (zval).value.dval
Z_STRVAL(zval) (zval).value.str.val
Z_STRLEN(zval) (zval).value.str.len
Z_ARRVAL(zval) (zval)
Z_LVAL_P(zval) (*zval).value.lval
Z_DVAL_P(zval) (*zval).value.dval
Z_STRVAL_P(zval_p) (*zval).value.str.val
Z_STRLEN_P(zval_p) (*zval).value.str.len
Z_ARRVAL_P(zval_p) (*zval)
Z_LVAL_PP(zval_pp) (**zval).value.lval
Z_DVAL_PP(zval_pp) (**zval).value.dval
Z_STRVAL_PP(zval_pp) (**zval).value.str.val
Z_STRLEN_PP(zval_pp) (**zval).value.str.len
Z_ARRVAL_PP(zval_pp) (**zval)