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?Display Image files in Flash
Date:???03-07-03 15:25

Flash/PHP question

I inserted the path to a image file into my database
image/myImage1000.jpg, image/myImage1010.jpg etc.

I wish to display this image(i.e myImage1000.jpg file in a Flash movie clip when a button is clicked.

Also, I wish to forward to the next/previous database file when a next/previous button is clicked.

?Re: Display Image files in Flash
Date:???03-08-03 02:53

I've use the code below to load images into a Flash Movie cilp. This works fine.

mcImage._x =50;
mcImage._y = 40;

I may not be formulating the question properly. However, I would like the ability to to run search queries on the images using a PHP/mySQL database.

How would I achieve this?

Thanks again.

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