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?Execting php script from index.html
Date:???02-18-04 04:18

Dear List,

I want to put a hit counter on the index.html page of my website.

Previously I wrote a simple PHP script (counter.php), that counts the hits and returns the array of digits (pictures) as HTML tags. No problem so far.

How do invoke the counter.php from the index.html?

My ISP puts some limitation on the structure of the web.
1. The web site's default page must be index.html (not index.php), so the php script cannot be inlined in the HTML code.
2. The php scripts must be executed in the ./cgi-bin directory, so the web site's default page cannot be there.

I'm completely puzzled with this so simple task, please help.

Thanks in advance

?Re: Execting php script from index.html
Date:???02-18-04 16:21

Place an IFrame in the html page...the iframe can call the php page

?Re: Execting php script from index.html
Date:???02-19-04 06:40

Many thanks Bastien, this worked.

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