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?installing new graphics card.
Date:???01-25-05 21:32

Hi there, major problem driving me crazy!!!1
here goes ok. first off, my computer is an emachines W2260.
I have an on-board video(disabled), and a Nvidia MX440 64mb graphics card which was working fine. But I just got a new upgrade, an ATI Radeon 256mb 9250 AGP card. So I uninstalled the driver for the old card (Nvidia) and as the on board is already disabled I thought that it.
Opened the computer swaped the cards over plugged in the monitor to the new card and switched on.
And I got a picture, everything looked fine. So I then tried to install the Driver that came on the CD, that went well said everything was fine still, restart the computer, so i did.
Then when it comes back on it reads "ATI control panel could not open because the ATI driver is not installed or is not working properly".
Then also in the device manager under the new card, there is a Code 12 error warning, saying there is not enough free resources.
Since then I have taken the 56k fax/modem out, to free up resouces, online help said it would detect it automatically. The PCI are all now empty. But still the message appears. I have also tried every combination of installing the card and the driver from both the CD and the website.


Any suggestions.

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