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Author:  (
Date:   02-16-05 07:27

Hi all :)

I have a contact page on my website, there is a link on it that opens (in a new smaller window) an online form to fill in. At the moment, when the user presses submit all the details are emailed to me but I would also like for the online form window to close and a new "Thank you for contacting us" page to load in the main browser.

This is probably simple but I'm a complete PHP novice! I can paste the code I already have if needed.


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Charlie 02-16-05 07:27 
 Re: Page loading  new
bastien 02-16-05 17:58 
 Re: Page loading  new
Bowmah 02-16-05 21:59 
 Re: Page loading  new
simond 02-21-05 00:59 
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